Kelly Kalonji

6 Years
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Personal Biography

Miss Helsinki 2013 winner, Kelly Kalonji brings her wealth of experience in a beauty pageant to the Face of African Queen board. 
The Congolese born celebrity is the co-founder of The Face of African Queen. She came into limelight when she won the Miss Helsinki 2013 beauty pageant. She was the first black to win a major beauty contest in the whole country.

Diversity of Expereince

She went into the beauty contest with the mindset of changing the myriads of negativities that beclouds people from a foreign background most especially Africans. Her role model is the ever-gorgeous Lola Odusoga, Miss Finland 1996.
Kelly is so passionate about her African root and she’s determined in upholding her culture anywhere she goes. 
She was a member of the jury that declared Sephora Iklaba the winner of Miss Helsinki 2017.